Visualize your data through reports and dashboards

EDUDATA.IO collects and connects data from multiple sources using the international educational standards for data collecting. EDUDATA.IO is built on Google Cloud Platform; the leading, safe and future-proof infrastructure for analytics. We help you to use your own data and move easily towards data driven decision making with EDUDATA.IO.



The increasing use of digital platforms and environments in the educational field has led to a situation where data resides in multiple locations. Connect collects your data from desired sources, e.g. student information systems, learning platforms and different applications into one place. You own your data. Always.


EDUDATA DASHBOARD Dashboard is a part of the product where you receive visual information on your cleansed and collected data. Your visualized information in Dashboard service is based on over 200 data collecting templates designed by Finnish education professionals.


EDUDATA ANALYZE Analyze combines and brings together multiple types of information and provides AI driven, predictive analyzes for you based on your own, collected data.