In early 2018, we initiated a significant milestone by convening representatives from the three largest cities in Finland to establish a clear application DPIA process within the education sector. This marked the beginning of Edudata.io - DPIA as a Service for Education, a groundbreaking endeavor.


Our journey commenced with a simple "Yes or No" approach, but rapidly evolved into a risk-based impact assessment aligned with laws, data protection regulations and guidelines from esteemed entities such as the United Nations, the European Union, local constitutional law and legislation, and local curriculums.


Over time, we have become a trusted partner and GDPR expert for over 70 clients, ranging from small schools to major cities and regions. Edudata comprises a dedicated team of 15 data protection specialists with diverse backgrounds, spanning from application development, sales, and marketing. Our headquarters is located in Helsinki, Finland.


To extend our reach, EDUDATA.IO collaborates with local partners and has a partner network of 150 education experts across eight different countries, enabling us to effectively deliver our services to educational institutions worldwide.




DPIA recommendations as a Service
Privacy framework for Data Protection Officer DPO, and education provider
Privacy application for Students and Guardians
Local legal team for local legislation
Quarterly customer events for DPO about EDU Data Privacy organised in local language
Large Education application database with detailed information included for each application 


Service and application together helps customer remain compliant after the initial implementation for 24/7
Enabler and Time saver for DPO
Fastest way to manage EU GDPR Compliance in Education
Largest Legal team for Education Privacy in EU
Competitive Extensive DPIA with specialist team providing the service
Knowledge base for EDU EU GDPR Privacy
Continuity and constant service development
Simple pricing - easy budgeting




We are widely recognized as experts in data protection matters throughout  Europe. Together with our clients, we ensure the realization of children's privacy rights in schools and the education sector. We strive for continuous development of our expertise, while also enhancing data protection knowledge amongst our clients.


Edudata.io ensures that Data Protection is always




Enhancing the protection of essential rights for all European students concerning the handling of their personal data.


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