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In early 2018, Edudata.io and Finnish cities recognized the lack of understanding of Data Protection Processes in Education. We understood the risks around the fast-evolving technology and AI for children's privacy, and we initiated a mission to establish consistent definitions for classified data and streamline digital application approval procedures across the educational sector. We started a collaborative effort with the three largest cities in Finland to address the real challenge of implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Schools. This was the beginning of Edudata.io The GDPR DPIA Service for Education.

Initially, our approach to Data Protection was a straightforward "Yes or No" Decision-making Process. However, as our understanding of the complexities of GDPR implementation evolved, we developed a Risk and Impact Assessment methodology, aligning our efforts with Data Protection Regulations from the United Nations, the European Union, constitutional law, local legislation, and global curriculums.

The Finnish market and its municipalities recognized the impact of Edudata.io and we quickly became the leading GDPR solution and the trusted partner for schools in a short period. The impact has widened to other countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Estonia and the demand has increased strongly through other European Union countries which is driving us to develop our service to match the international demand. 

As the years unfolded, we delved deeper into the importance of Student Privacy and the challenges faced by Education Providers. We recognized the profound significance of transparency in Student Privacy, inspiring us to start the creation of a user-friendly Privacy Application for students to gain insight into their Personal Data Processing in School. Simultaneously, we aimed to simplify the Data Protection Process for European Schools by developing a comprehensive Privacy Framework, ensuring sustainable compliance with ever-evolving regulations.

Today, we stand as a team of 100 passionate Education and Privacy experts across Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Estonia through our partners. We are passionately driven to fulfill our mission of ensuring that European Union schools achieve GDPR compliance, thereby safeguarding the fundamental rights of students in the educational landscape of today and the transformative future of digital environments and AI. 

Our work has already touched the lives of over 2 million individuals, and we're on track to make a positive impact on all 102 million students in the EU. Through our comprehensive Risk Assessments for Education Technology solutions, we've played a central role in safeguarding over 4,000 IT and SaaS provider solutions, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment and high-quality digital learning tools for every student. We are the driving force behind GDPR and AI compliance in Europe, and help Europe to become a place where Data Protection and safe AI practices are paramount.



Edudata.io allows students to view and understand the processing of their personal data. For Schools Edudata.io is the Data Privacy platform which saves resources spent on EU GDPR Data Protection Impact Assessments.




Edudata.io is to ensure the protection of student privacy and empower European Union schools to achieve GDPR compliance with safe and secure learning environments where data protection principles and safe AI are paramount.

We invest in continuous learning and development for our team, while simultaneously empowering our clients, students, and guardians to become aware of Data Privacy. We transform Data Protection into an engaging, seamless, and interesting experience for everyone.

We are making an impressive impact on people's lives and gaining awareness of risks and personal rights around Technology and AI in Education in Europe. With us, every student has the keys to grow and learn in a safe environment using high-quality learning tools without worrying about future impacts.



Enhancing the protection of essential rights for all European students concerning the handling of their personal data.


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