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EDUDATA.IO secures the fulfillment of fundamental rights in schools and offers transparency in the processing of personal data. 


Every person has a right to personal data protection. This is written in European Union laws, United Nations contracts, local laws, and legislations, as well as in the school curriculums all around the world. The EU General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR, applies in all member states. The EU GDPR directs public sector providers and especially schools to take care of Data Protection. Every school and education provider is responsible for taking care of students' Data Protection and ensuring that their fundamental rights are taken into consideration. But... 

How to comply with these laws in schools and ensure that fundamental rights are fulfilled for every student? How can the school complete the data protection framework in a cost-effective way? Or how can guardians be sure that their underage children are studying in a data-protected school where their rights are taken into consideration?


EDUDATA.IO knows the answers to these and many more questions about EDU Data and GDPR – we are here to help you! Keep reading or book a meeting with us right away >>


Would you like to know about GDPR in education or learn what is Watch this short video! has conducted over 4000 Data Protection Impact Assessments for apps, sites, and software used in education. With us, schools and other education providers can achieve GDPR compliance from the outset, receiving DPIA recommendations from GDPR-specialized local legal experts. With, schools can manage all decisions and assessments in modern software, all in one place. The best part is that your school’s data privacy remains transparent as GDPR requires, with students using their own Privacy App!

Of course, you can choose the best way to manage your school or city's privacy process, but to make your life easier, we have created a seamless privacy process that you can follow step by step or integrate into your yearly privacy plan.

We have also specialized in Extensive Data Protection Impact Assessments which are mandatory in extensive digital learning environments like Google Workspace for Education, Microsoft 365 or Office 365.

Would you like to achieve GDPR compliance in a cost-effective way? Let's have a talk!

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School should answer the questions: 



Every student has the right to know how the school manages their personal data. The EU GDPR requires that every digital application and platform used by every public sector player such as Education Providers and Schools should do a Data Protection Impact Assessment DPIA.

To fulfil this GDPR requirement, the school should be able to respond to all these questions for every student and guardian:

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Additionally systems where students are graded and profiled, or where data processing is broader than usual, need Extensive DPIAs. 



EDUDATA.IO provides you with the keys to implementing effective and seamless data protection in schools. We support school Data Protection Officers throughout the entire journey, from administrative tasks to Data Protection Impact Assessments, all the way to customer satisfaction. With us, you can be sure that the school is legally compliant 365 days a year!


We will show you how to do Privacy Framework step by step...


EDUDATA.IO is your partner in every step around Data Protection framework in schools


Preparation for the decisions. 

EDUDATA.IO assists customers from the beginning with templates and support in building School Privacy Policy, RACI and Record of Processing Activities RoPA (EU GDPR 13, 14 & 30). Every decision requires preparation, and we ensure that the tasks are engaging and interesting to work with. 


Make decisions. 

We should remember that nothing in school Data Protection is validated before the confirmation of the Data Protection Decision Maker. With EDUDATA.IO leadership decisions and management are easy because everything is prepared beforehand.


DPIAs with low costs and better use of resources. 

The most central task of Data Protection in schools is The Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Normally this takes approximately 800 hours of work and a minimum of 12 000 euros of Legal Advice costs...

With EDUDATA.IO the time for DPIAs for customers is reduced to 10 hours, and our local legal department work does not cost our customers any extra money!

EDUDATA.IO's customers Prepare, Manage and Decide on every applications used from one place, and they can be sure that all recommendations come from GDPR Law Professionals. 


Understand GDPR.

Seamless communication regarding data protection is the key to fulfilling the right of personal data protection. Students, guardians, teachers, and faculty members need knowledge and learning about data protection. We help our customers to obtain all the knowledge about GDPR right on time so that information sharing is fun and seamless in schools at all times.


Happy students.

With, there are no reasons to be concerned about data protection. If anything unplanned should happen regarding GDPR in the digital learning environment, you are prepared for everything. With, students can have a seamless view of the applications used with their own app. This is how you can implement the laws and fulfill students' fundamental rights.

Do Data Protection yourself or save resources with


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DPIA recommendations as a Service
Privacy framework for Data Protection Officer DPO, and education provider
Privacy application for Students and Guardians
Local legal team for local legislation
Quarterly customer events for DPO about EDU Data Privacy organised in local language
Large Education application database with detailed information included for each application 


Service and application together helps customer remain compliant after the initial implementation for 24/7
Enabler and Time saver for DPO
Fastest way to manage EU GDPR Compliance in Education
Largest Legal team for Education Privacy in EU
Competitive Extensive DPIA with specialist team providing the service
Knowledge base for EDU EU GDPR Privacy
Continuity and constant service development
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